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Generation Motivator: Cormega

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Cory "CORMEGA" McKay has been selected as this month's GENERATION MOTIVATOR.

Although primarily known for being the well-respected and prolific emcee out of Queensbridge, NY, Cormega's reach goes much further. I actually had the pleasure of interviewing this brotha over 20 years ago, with it coming back full circle a few weeks ago for our second interivew. For a huge hip hop head such as myself, I was already a fan strictly off of wordplay, songmaking abilities and his catalog. We all know Mega is nice with the mic as evident from his longevity in the game and masterful catalog which includes The Realness, The True Meaning, Mega Philosophy and more. However, when you peel back the layers to discover what really makes Cormega tick, the admiration grows deeper.

Mega is the first to admit that having served his prison bid and seeing so many of his friends lose their lives out in the streets were catalysts for him to persue a different path in life. He said hip hop saved his life and he does not take preserving the integrity of the genre lightly.

Cormega is not only impacting the industry as an artist, but also as a label head, author, fashion collaborator, art enthusiast and philanthropist. He also champions maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. While never one to beat his chest, Cormega has done numerous community impacting endeavors that fly under the radar ... at his request. He was able to pull together a back-to-school drive where he gave out backpacks to those in need, went back to the prisons to perform and give words of encouragement, as well as took busloads of kids to Great Adventures on his own dime and this is only the tip of the iceberg. He doesn't do it for the photo-ops, but because he knows the community needs the uplifment.

Cormega drops his latest masterpiece "The Realness II" on Friday, Oct. 7th. It's packed with collaborations from Nas, Havoc and Lloyd Banks and production from Havoc, Large Professor, and Sha Money XL to name a few. I was able to catch a sneak peek. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Go support!

Here is the video for his single "Essential" produced by Havoc off of The Realness II.

Click the image below to hear my throwback inteview with Mega from over 20 years ago! **** New interview link coming soon:

Special thanks to Jackie Asare for the hospitality and setting up the interview .. both actually.


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