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Generation Motivation was birthed out of the necessity to provide a platform that brings about positive change and highlights the topics that give you the inspiration you need to achieve.  We must serve as that guiding light for those that follow in our footsteps. Often, as a society, we've found ourselves in the position of either following the narrative or tasked with changing the narrative.  Generation Motivation is, and will forever be, "creating the narrative." Our generation depends upon it.             

In 2019, Jay created this brand and movement to effect positive change in society by way of its motivational material (books, podcasts, merchandise, shows, and more). Joined by his loving wife in 2022, they work together to deliver relevant information and tools to educate, inspire, and motivate individuals to use their platforms to live on purpose.

Jay and Teresa have two children and have been happily married over tweny-one years. Equally, they share a vision to motivate the world. 


Jay Snipes is the founder and owner of the Snipes Vision Company which houses the Generation Motivation brand. He is also an Atlanta-based author of the children's book  All Play? Not Today! and latest inspirational release Generation Motivation: Minutes of Motivation. The NCA&TSU alum, aka "The Podcaster of the People," also hosts a weekly podcast entitled Generation Motivation: The Podcast in which he uses his platform to highlight those making a positive impact on their community.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, Jay's interest for writing was ignited once he moved to Atlanta over 20 years ago and started freelancing as an entertainment journalist for various publications. When not writing, the music and sports enthusiast enjoys game nights, watching movies with his wife and two kids, and trying to figure out why he can no longer beat his son in Playstation. 

Teresa Snipes is co-owner of the Snipes Vision Company and the founder of, an organization dedicated to educating, uplifting and inspiring women to move into alignment with their purpose.


The NCA&TSU grad is a certified life purpose coach and strategist, blogger and digital media series producer. The North Carolina native was featured on Awaken Atlanta, where she gave insight on walking in purpose and living on faith. In her free time, Teresa enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two children, reading, traveling, biking, yoga and serving her community. 

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