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Generation Motivation Hosts Mental Health Forum

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Generation Motivation's founders created the "Triumphing Over Tragedy" forum & podcast to celebrate "Mental Health Awareness Month." During the 90 minute event, our extraordinary panelists shared their inspiring in-depth testimonials of overcoming tragedy (love ones lost to gun violence, domestic abuse, homelessness and more).

They turned their traumatic experiences into purpose and gave encouragement, hope and motivation to those that may be going through the same struggles.

Host: Jay Snipes, Guest co-host Teresa Snipes. Panelists: Author/Podcaster Lana Reid, Author/ Domestic Abuse Activist Adriene Hall, and Author/ Podcaster/ Mental Health Advocate Raxiel Liz.

Attendee Quote

"This was a wonderful event and truly changes my life. More often than not people tend to think they are in this thing alone; they are not. Forums like this help people to cope and realize we are all in this thing together. I loved it."

**** Click the link below to listen to the forum - (Spotify users can also view the forum) *****


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