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Generation Motivation Founders Speak at the Delta Sigma Theta Virtual Youth Empowerment Symposium

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Jay and Teresa Snipes, founders of Generation Motivation, were invited to be guest speakers at this year's Delta Sigma Theta"Youth Empowerment Symposium" (Y.E.S.) It was a very uplifting and inspiring occassion. They were able to speak with 50+ youth during the virtual event.

There were several panelists from different fields that all together to help mentor the youth with insight and words of encouragement. The youth were very engaged and it showed during the Q & A session. There's no doubt that these youth will be prepared for the next level.

It is always an honor to be able to use your platform to make a positive impression, especially with the youth. They are not only the future, but the present as well. It is up to us (parents, adults, mentors etc.) to make sure they have a solid foundation to stand and build upon.


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