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Generation Motivator: "Free" Marie Wright

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

"Free" Marie Wright has been selected as this month's GENERATION MOTIVATOR.

Marie Wright, affectionately known as "Free," the co-host of BET's renowned 106 & Park, is a true impact player in using her platform to uplift her community. Regardless of whether it was during her television or radio run, she's always been one to use her celebrity status to shine a light on relevant issues and speak her peace.

Free is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve and that is evident by the numerous philanthropic efforts she is affiliated with and supports. Regardless of how busy her career has gotten over the years, she has always continued to carry on the tradition of giving back to the community. She has been a tireless advocate for breast cancer awareness with her family and friends participating in the American Cancer Society's cancer walks for years and now with her Boston-based non-profit Team Cancer Free, which she founded in honor of her mother who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009. Team Cancer Free's mission is to combat breast cancer by bringing about awareness and destigmatizing its symptoms, activating preventive measures and providing alternative services to improve overall health, beauty and wellness outlooks.

Free's latest endeavor finds her stepping into the entrepreneurial space as the founder and creator of Pudding Stone Bath Co. Out of a desire to help those suffering from dry sensitive skin, eczema and other skin ailments as she did growing up, Free turned her passion for skincare into handmade soaps and beauty bars to help provide relief. The company tagline even says "Handmade In Boston With Love".

I had the pleasure of interviewing Free some years back during the peak of "106 & Park"'s successful run and even then she was dropping jewels and willing to offer advice. For those looking to follow in her footsteps in the industry, Free said, "(They should) surround themselves with people who are already doing it so they can learn. Get internships at different places where they can be exposed to what's going on. Practice .. get focused .. and read a lot."

"Be in the right places at the right time. Don't be in the wrong places at the wrong time," she advised with a smile and a laugh.

Salute to Free for all she does to leave a lasting legacy of positive change on her community.

For more info on Pudding Stone Bath Co., go to

For more info on Team Cancer Free, follow @teamcancerfree on IG

*** Click below to hear an excerpt of my throwback interview with Free: ****


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