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Generation Motivator: Lecrae

Lecrae has been selected as this month's GENERATION MOTIVATOR.

The Grammy Award winning hip hop artist is a one of a kind talent that wears many hats as a recording artist, president and co-founder of Reach Records, NY Times best selling author, record and film producer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a host of other titles. With numerous accolades, such as Grammys, Dove Awards, Billboard Music Awards, BET Awards and more, you would think the hunger for success would have been satisfied. However, it's just the opposite. His success continues to drive him because he knows the more success, the larger the platform .... the larger the platform, the larger the audience he has to spread his message of hope, strength and perserverance.

His faith is worn on his sleeve (and his chest with his t-shirts too) and it permeates throughout each and every song. Lecrae has let it be known that his path could've ended up a lot differently had it not been for divine intervention. That is not something he takes for granted and makes a conscious effort to give back to his community in abundance. He understands there is power in his platform and amplifies it through his various philanthropic endeavors such as teaming up with Love Beyond Walls, to distribute hand-washing stations and food to the homeless in Atlanta during the height of COVID. He's penned several op-ed articles for publications in regards to social activism and racial tolerance.

Salute to Lecrae for his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on his community. I had the opportunity to interview Lecrae a few years back. He was a very laid back and down-to-earth dude.

*** Click the image below to listen to an excerpt from the interview: ******


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