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Motivating a Generation

"Don't just have hope. Be hope.

Your generation depends on it."

--  Jay Snipes


The mission of Generation Motivation, a Snipes Vision Company brand and movement, is to inspire people of all ages to use the power of their own platforms to effect positive change in society.  Everyone has a platform whether you know it or not. The sooner we realize how powerful our platforms, voices, dreams and ideas are, the more impactful are lives will be.


"You can’t pass the baton, until you first enter the race." -- Jay Snipes 

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The Podcast

Generation Motivation: The Podcast  is focused on bringing a new and fresh perspective on current events with insightful commentary and in-depth interiews highlighting those in the community using their platforms to evoke productive change. Our goal is to motivate our listeners to become the best versions of themselves, because their positive impact on our generation is immeasurable.


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